Thursday, February 8, 2007

Protection is Not Just for the Wealthy

There are many people who believe that using the services of an independent financial advisor is not for them, that it's only for those with a huge income and masses of disposable income.

Yet nothing can be further from the truth and smart money management is something that affects everyone regardless of how much cash they have.

Award-winning financial advisor Alok Dhanda believes that too many people live for today and don't think about the future until it's too late.

Mr Dhanda has heard and dealt with numerous horror stories of families who have put off taking out policies or getting the kind of cover which would have protected them and their families if disaster hit.

Even saving or investing a fairly modest amount in the right kind of financial protection can ensure your future peace of mind.

"The situation is that many people don't think twice about insuring their car, insuring their house but don't bother insuring themselves," said Mr Dhanda. "It's too late once the worst has happened, people need to be prepared for the future."

Policies such as income protection ensure if your circumstances change dramatically, you won't have to compromise on your lifestyle.

Should illness strike, how many people who were previously in full time employment with the benefits that regular wages bring, survive on state benefits?

Backed up by a critical illness policy which will pay a lump sum should you contract a disease, these policies are essential for everyone. Even those who don't fall on hard times under such circumstances still need to look to the future.

Life assurance is a necessity and cover can cost a very small amount but comes with the benefit of ensuring that your loved ones are financially secure when you die.

There are policies to suit everyone and the truth of the matter is that everyone ( regardless of age, income or sex ( should seek advice on what is the best way forward for them.

A proper pension ensures that as you get older you can enjoy a high standard of living without having to rely on the Government, but the key to this is forward planning.

Mr Dhanda has helped hundreds of clients organise their finances which ensures their future security and can offer that same service to anyone

Contact Alok Dhanda at Dhanda Financial, 52 Dean Street, Newcastle or call (0191) 255-8960 or email

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