Sunday, August 12, 2007

Car Insurance Its Not All High Prices

Car insurance is a requirement for drivers. The cost of it, however, is a choice. Different car insurance issuers charge different prices for their various coverages. There are many factors that affect the price a shopper gets. A seventy year young man driving a 20 year old truck will pay a different car insurance rate than an eighteen year old that drives a sports car.

Car insurance companies understand that the risk associated with these two drivers have a great chance of being completely different in scale. Now, most people automatically would consider the eighteen year old driver in the sports car the more dangerous of the two drivers. However, if the teen is an obedient child under strict parental supervision but the older driver has cataracts, cant hear and occasionally falls asleep at the wheel, the danger level distribution shifts vastly.

Then there are other variables such as the choice between full or liability coverage, where you live, how far you drive, gender, how often the type of car you drive is stolen each year and many others. Shove all of these variables into the car insurance calculation formula and you are in for a wild ride. No pun intended.

So, the whole costing scheme for car insurance can get pretty complicated and confusing really quickly. Variables like this make the game of finding adequate car insurance at a cheap price a game worth playing.

There are more car insurance companies than you can shake a stick at. This makes the competition for your insurance payment a reason to shop around before you commit to any one of them. It never hurts to look around and see what you find.

Car insurance firms will often offer different rates for seemingly identical policies. So, much about the whole process is relative. Dont settle for the first policy that is thrown across a desk at you. Shop around. Car insurance organizations will often be willing to compete with other car insurance companies even though they wont initially tell you that.

One strategy for getting low rates is to call multiple car insurance insurance companies and start the conversation by mentioning the rate that you received from other companies. In many cases, they will attempt to beat it buy quoting a lower price or by providing more coverage for the same price.

Another means of lowering the amount you pay each month is to use the Car Insurance Toolbar at CarInsuranceToolbar dot com. The Car Insurance Toolbar interfaces with TypoBounty dot com, a website that allows the user to earn money by reporting typographical errors that they see online. With the average payout for a single error being two dollars car insurance premiums become more manageable fast.

Strategize and utilize tools to mitigate the car insurance price effect. It is worth it.

The author, John Reed, has 15 years business experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple car insurance issuers. You can read more avoiding the money trap of car insurance at

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