Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Cost Of Car Insurance For Teenagers

The Cost Of Car Insurance For Teenagers

You will pay more for adding a teenager to your policy but there's nothing you can do about that. A daughter will not cost as much as a son, but both will pay.

Make sure they keep their grades good will help. Most companies give a discount for a good grade average in school. And of course never put them on their own policy, but include them on yours for the best rates.

Again, shopping on line for the best rates is the best way to do it. Rates do vary according to what company you are dealing with.

What kind of car are you letting them drive? If it is a sporty fast model, you will pay for it. Pay attention to your style of car at this point. Try not to have them driving a young persons sport model unless you have plenty of money and don't care. Put them in something grandma would drive for the best premium.

Have them enroll in a good driver's training course or safety class and see if the insurance company will recognize that and give a discount. Make sure they are taught about driving and alcohol and drug use. Can you enroll them in an emergency course of some kind? Let your agent know.

Teach them to drive safely and keep their driving record excellent so they can afford to keep driving and paying the insurance. Traffic citations are poison at this point. They will pay through the nose for being careless.

Talk to them about passengers and how many they are allowed to have in the car at one time. Distractions cause accidents. See if there is a defensive driving course they might take.

Take the time to drive with them in all kinds of driving situations and weather. The more they are prepared the less problems later and thus better insurance rates for teenage drivers.

Also teach them what to do in case of an accident and how to report a claim and what information is critical for your insurance company. In fact some companies take the time to sit and talk with new drivers and go over many of these things with them. See if your agent does that.

Explain to them that the reason insurance companies charge more for young drivers is because they are not experienced and the facts show that they have more accidents. They need to understand they can help keep the cost down by following these suggestions. Otherwise, the cost can get so high that they have to quit driving because they can't afford it. No young person wants to quit driving.

So it is possible to trim the cost of insurance for teenagers.

Nate Coker is the father of two teenagers and covers topics of interest for news agencies around the world. Want to save more money on car insurance?

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