Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Want to compare car insurance young drivers in Britain - Broker or Direct?

This short report aims to assist you in getting lower premiums. Many techniques are available to help reduce your car insurance young drivers in Britain monthly costs. Some involve finding the right companies to get quotes from although other methods take place over a longer period and take some time to reduce the price of your cover. Some of the methods will not work for you but if you a searching for car insurance young drivers in Britain lots of ideas and techniques are given to help you reduce the costs with your insurer.

Areas we will be looking at are how to pay for your premium, types of cover, motoring club discounts plus much more.

Tip I Don't be rushed ! Once your insurance renewal comes through start to shop around for quotes , don't leave it too late. Always try at least 5 insurers. Read reviews on car insurance providers in the newspapers. Although price is important so are other factors it is important to write the features down and compare them along with the prices.

Tip II What about payments ! If you can afford paying in full is the most cost effective option. nearly all insurance providers make extra money on car insurance young drivers in Britain by charging interest for direct debit payments. If you can't afford to pay in one then paying on your credit car could be a better alternative. Check first but in many cases the APR charged by the insurer will be higher than the Mastercard or Visa company.

Tip III Do all named drivers drive ? Unless the driver is your spouse then naming one normally costs extra. If the drivers are younger than 25 years old then the costs will be much higher. The trick is to name only those that will actually drive. Sometimes if the person you need to name has their own vehicle they will have the driving other cars extension anyway so could drive you motor on a third party only basis. Depending on the value of your vehicle third party cover may be satisfactory or not. Many insurance companies will allow you to add an additional driver temporarily mid term through your insurance year.

What now ?

Ensure that the correct steps above have been undertaken then read below. For car insurance young drivers in Britain we recommend you visit this site Young Learner Drivers Car Insurance

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