Friday, March 28, 2008

A car insurance aggregator can work to find you the best deal

When it comes to taking out car insurance you have to shop around for quotes. However shopping around and trying to find the cheapest deal yourself can take an enormous amount of time and effort. Even if you search yourself do you cannot be sure that you have accessed all lenders to get quotes. A far easier way to gather quotes from the whole of the marketplace is to go with a car insurance aggregator.

An aggregator will be able to get quotes from insurance companies which the individual does not have access to and from the information you give them they will tailor their search to those lenders who meet your needs. If you were going to make a search yourself then you would have to repeat the information requested with all the lenders you asked for quotes. However by using an aggregator for your car insurance you just give the information once to them and then get several quotes from which to choose.

However while they can work in your favour it is essential that you choose someone who specialises in gathering together quotes. By doing so you can be assured that the quotes you gather will be consistent. Of course before going with a car insurance aggregator for your quotes you will have to gather several things together and choose which type of car insurance is most suitable for you circumstances. Without this information it is impossible to find cheap insurance quotes with which to compare. The basic types of insurance which you have to choose from are third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

Along with this you will also have to give such details as your age, your age will go a long way to determining the cost of your car insurance. The younger you are then the higher your car insurance will be. However an online car insurance aggregator can find the best deals for your particular circumstances. The cost of the insurance will also go on such factors as how much no claims bonus you have got, your sex, where you keep your car parked overnight, the security features installed on the car and where you live.

Once a car insurance aggregator has found you quotes to consider then you should take your time in going over them. Never just jump onto the first quote that seems to be the cheapest. You have to compare what you actually get in the insurance deal. For example one quote might be slightly higher than another but you might have to pay more out in excess in the cheaper quote. Another example is that one insurance quote might cover extras that another quote does not. The small print will also tell you how much the insurance will cost over the year and how much it would cost if you chose to pay by direct debt each month. Usually if you take out cover and pay for it yearly it can work out cheaper. Once you have decided on a quote the aggregator can take you through applying for the car insurance to successfully being covered.

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director of Protection Insurance, an internet based insurance business dedicated to getting consumers the best rates and the best products. Visit us for Low Cost Car Insurance.

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