Thursday, September 17, 2009

Caravan Insurance and Static Caravan Insurance

Are you the owner of a static caravan holiday home you should consider insurance to cover the caravan as well as the content. There are two levels of insurance for your static caravan, static caravan, the same and the content inside the trailer.

Ensuring static caravan cover against loss or damage to the static caravan itself. Insurance can be extended to a new policy for years had the caravan can be replaced with a new model would be the harm in a measure that goes beyond financial repair. If this is the case of some insurance companies will replace the static caravan if less than 20 years. The age by which new for old is applied varies from politics to policy. Some companies offer only new for old on caravans that are less than 10 years. It 'should check with the insurance company to determine their exact terms of the policy.

The contents can be insured under a general policy in which a value is given for the entire content. If you have individual items that hold insurance may also be taken against such articles on suitable cover.

Below are examples of the cover:
Replace new for old
Costs of alternative accommodation
Remove debris and resiting costs
Fixtures and fittings
Public Liability

It must also take into account the excess which applies to politics as this varies from company to company. Check the details of the policy to determine the new and old to cover additional coverage offered.

When obtaining quotes assured of at least three more quotes you get the more likely you are to achieve good value for money. Get quotes online can be a quick and easy way to get multiple quotes.


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